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Facebook Serves as the Primary Source of Election News for College Students, Survey

By Natalie Sportelli

So far this election cycle, the crop of candidates have experimented with different methods for connecting with these young voters, through rallies, interactive debates, and, especially, social media. A recent survey shows that capitalizing on the latter could prove key to securing four years in the oval office.

Student Loans: Trick Or Treat?

By Scott Spann

In the spirit of Halloween, are student loans a trick or a treat for you or your student? Many experts still contend that the financial rewards of a college education more than pay for cost plus accrued interest. On the flip side, some think tanks are arguing that a married couple that both have “average” student loan debt will end up with over $200,000 less wealth than their counterparts without student loan debt. So who is right?

Lifelong Learning: In Marketing It’s A Must!

By Joyce Turner-Gionet

Learning is a journey. If we’re open to it and up for the adventure, it can be a tremendously satisfying lifelong learning journey, with plenty of personal benefits, besides the knowledge we gain.

Five Things Your LinkedIn Profile Must Convey Within Ten Seconds

By Liz Ryan

We’re bombarded with information at almost every moment. We can’t take it all in! It’s the same way for recruiters and hiring managers who browse LinkedIn looking for job candidates and consultants. They might find your LinkedIn profile and glance at it quickly. How much time will you get to make the impression you want to make?

How Willpower Works: The Science of Decision Fatigue and How To Avoid Bad Decisions

By James Clear

You may be surprised just how much small daily decisions impact the willpower you have for important choices. And most importantly, it turns out there are simple choices you can make that will help you master your willpower and make better decisions on a more consistent basis.

The Whole University in Your Hands

New APUS Mobile App is Now Available

Whether you’re an American Military University or American Public University student, online learning just got more flexible with APUS Mobile—the newly released app that’s taking on-the-go learning to greater heights.

3 Tips for Researching Degrees like Cybersecurity

By J. Thompson
Contributor, Online Learning Tips

Cybersecurity is trending, but here are three tips to consider whether you’re studying a cybersecurity program now or considering an advanced degree in the field.

Financial Aid: Borrowing Only What You Need

There are a few things that you must be aware of before receiving student loans, whether it be Federal or private student loans. It is important not to over borrow as this may put you further in debt.