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STAND UP Against Cyber Bullying

While traditionally, bullying has been identified as occurring in schools, playgrounds, and other areas where youth gather, as more and younger children acquire networked, electronic devices, such as cellphones, tablets, and home computers, the incidences of cyberbullying have been on the increase.

Life Hacks and Your Education: The Reality Teachers Know

Once you identify and enroll in a school that meets your standards—never stop working hard or let life hacks distract you from your goals. Don’t select courses that are the easiest. Challenge yourself.

5 Ways to Reduce Student-Loan Debt

In a recent column on how to keep student-loan debt under control, I made the point that we need to apply out-of-the-box, even radical ideas to tackle spiraling college costs and student-loan debt. Readers quickly sent me their feedback.

Student Loan Forgiveness: Possible Options to Pay off Student Loans

Many borrowers are unaware of the repayment programs, such as the Student Loan Forgiveness Programs, which can make your student loans disappear. Borrowers are unaware of these programs due to the lack of information provided about these programs.

Student Loan Repayment… What’s Your Number?

Are you nearing graduation or have already completed your degree? Usually this means that you're going to start having to pay on your loans soon after. Not sure how much to budget a month? This will help!

Romance on a Budget

Don't buy into the commercials that encourage overspending on gifts for your sweetie. Stay close to your budget, both for school and everyday living, and check out these options for gifts for Valentine's Day this year.

Who You Gonna Call?

When you have questions about your federal student loans, it would be helpful to have all of the federal loan servicers’ contact information at your fingertips. Well, APUS makes it easy!

What Should be Taken Care of With My Loan Money?

Here is a helpful list that gives you authorized educational expenses at the school that certified your loan eligibility to think about.