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Podcast: Was Nietzsche Right in Saying That God Is Dead?

In this podcast, Dr. Bjorn Mercer talks with religion and philosophy professor Dr. Chris Myers about the evolving role of religion and Friedrich Nietzsche.

Did Stravinsky’s ‘The Rite of Spring’ Really Cause a Riot?

Used for a ballet performance in Paris, “The Rite of Spring” caused a riot and became one of the most famous scandals in music history.

Podcast: Coronavirus and Its Impact on Higher Education

In this podcast, Dr. Bjorn Mercer talks with APUS President Dr. Wally Boston about the impact of coronavirus on higher education.

Anton Bruckner: When Politics Alter a Musical Reputation

Bruckner is forever linked to the Nazis and their legacy of death and destruction. His story is a cautionary tale of the political appropriation of art.

Judging the Amount of Bias in Today's News Media

At the end of the day, media bias is as complex as the humans who write the news and the audience members who consume it.

Podcast: Using Scientific Discoveries for Good and Evil

In this podcast, APU's Dr. Danny Welsch and Dr. Bjorn Mercer discuss how good scientific discoveries go evil and how evil discoveries turn good.

A Historic Case of Misinformation: Was Mozart an Austrian?

Most of the time, misinformation is subtle. An interesting piece of misinformation that is widely accepted as truth is that Mozart was Austrian.

Podcast: Teaching Classes in the Prison System

In this podcast, APU faculty members Tiffany Orcesi, Dr. Michael Pittaro and Dr. Bjorn Mercer discuss teaching in prison.