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Tips to Cope with the Stress of Being a Student

 The stress of being a student can be significant. The demands of your course load add to the many other responsibilities in your day, such as work, childcare and family. Consider the following suggestions to help you feel a little less overwhelmed.

Reasons Why More Students Today Prefer Online Education

As online learning increasingly gains prominence in higher education, some educators continue to wonder why online education is so appealing to students.

The US Coronavirus: Social Distancing and Educating the Public

In this podcast, Dr. Samer Koutoubi, Public Health Program Director at AMU, addresses the growing threat of the coronavirus in the United States.

Artificial Intelligence in Education: Where Are the Laws?

Like the laws concerning AI use and public safety, there should be a thorough assessment of the risks of the addition of AI to classrooms.

Bringing Education to Young Students with 'Skype a Scientist'

Drs. Jennifer Cramer and Danny Welsch have been participating in the "Skype a Scientist" program, bringing their expertise to K-12 classrooms.

The Past, Present and Future of Fire Service Education

I attended the Fire and Emergency Services Professional Development Leadership summit. Many people had some good ideas in regard to fire service education.

Quantitative Assessments in Graduate Education (Part III)

This is the third article in a series about quantitative assessments, and how to create challenging test questions in a non-legal curriculum.

Quantitative Assessments in Graduate Education (Part II)

This is the second article about quantitative assessments, and how law schools and state bar examiners create challenging quantitative exam questions.