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Imposter Syndrome: Coping with It as a College Student

An estimated 70% of people experience the feelings associated with impostor syndrome at some point. But there are ways to alleviate its effects on you.

APUS Alumni Stories: Rising to the Challenges of Life

Life can sometimes present obstacles. But AMU graduate Denzel Johnson is a shining example of turning obstacles into opportunities.

Drones Could Overcome Problems with K-12 Online Learning

Drones have been utilized for a multitude of purposes. But there is one potential use of drones that hasn’t been fully explored yet: K-12 online learning.

The Systemic Inequities in the College Application Process

Inequities in the college application process illustrate not only systemic racism, but also illuminate other inequities in the process.

Recovering from Setbacks: How You Can Get Back on Track

Setbacks come in many forms. We all have experiences with setbacks, and it can be tough to regroup and refocus after having one.

Using Your Teaching Superpower to Detect Students’ Mental Health Issues

Mental health is a tough subject to discuss. Detecting mental health issues online is tougher because most of the communication is in writing.

Full STEAM Ahead: Filling the Gap for Critical Careers

Pursuing a “full STEAM ahead” education policy will help to ensure the U.S. has the needed resources not only in the COVID-19 era, but in the years to come.

Would Teacherbots Eliminate Implicit Bias in Online Teaching?

Implicit bias has infused itself into every aspect of life. Could a teacherbot be more fair and unbiased than a human being?