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Late Policies: Why They Matter in Business and Academia

The philosophy of not tolerating lateness translates quite well into academia, where students are subject to late policies for submitting coursework.

Golden Key International Honour Society Wins Award

The AMU and APU Chapter of the Golden Key International Honour Society received the Key Chapter award this year during the Golden Key Leadership Summit.

Plagiarism Remains a Problem among College Students

Plagiarism still exists. Since we know that plagiarism is frowned upon by just about everyone, why is it still a problem?

Achieving Academic Success Relies on Setting Goals

During our recent Summer Social Giveaway contest, we asked our social media communities to share what academic goals they hope to accomplish this year.

Artificial Intelligence from Mythology to the Classroom

The advent of artificial intelligence has sparked excitement, curiosity and even fear. Today, AI is a component of daily activity. What is the future of AI?

Complicated Rubrics Are Stifling the Learning Process

Many instructors in higher education do not conform to expectations with the grading rubrics they use. As a result, students are left feeling confused.

Length Requirements for Papers versus Academic Quality

Length requirements have a proper place in higher education assessments as one of many tools educators use to produce the very best graduates.

APUS Graduate Studies & Research Announce November Research Showcase

APUS Graduate Studies & Research announces the November 2019 Research Showcase; it will include two presentation formats.