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Leading by Example: Professionalism in the Online Classroom

When you’re taking courses online, you’re still in a classroom. Here are a few tips to help you maintain your professionalism in an online setting.

6 Supreme Court Cases to Watch in the Near Future

The following six Supreme Court cases are the controversies on which the legal and social issues of importance to the country will hang in the balance.

Four Tips to Manage Student Aggression within Online Classrooms

Because student aggression distracts everyone within the online classroom, it is important to manage student aggression quickly and professionally.

Writing Well for Everyone’s Comprehension (Part II)

Note: This is the second article in a two-part series about good writing that is designed to ensure a reader's comprehension.

Alternative Credit Options Available to the Online Student

The Prior Learning Assessment is a way for learners to receive credit for college-level learning that has taken place outside of the traditional classroom.

Advice for Long-Term College Success and Your Career

I am often asked for advice and thought I would share some of the common recommendations I give students to help them achieve success in college and beyond.

Credentialing in a New Economy (New Panel Video)

A trend that is quickly growing from necessity — digital credentialing — is aligning with the changing needs of employers (in addition to graduates).

Three Tips to Get the Most Out of Your College Education

Students attend college for different purposes. Here are three tips based on my own experience on getting the most out of your education.