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Space Scientists Share Childhood Memories Of Moon Landing

When David Grinspoon was nine—and enthralled by the Apollo 11 exploits playing out in his parent’s bedroom that day—he saw the future as "this wondrous thing." The moon landing, he says, was "a profound moment in our evolution," analogous to the first time life was able to exist on land.

University Team to Conduct Research in Belize This Month

Later this month, two students will join me to conduct a survey in Belize, interviewing residents about human-caused pollution in the New River.

Your Marital Status and the Federal Student Aid Application

It is important to understand how to report your marital status on the FAFSA, because it will affect your student aid eligibility.

Legal Studies: A 2019 Outlook on Potential Legal Careers

Earning a legal studies degree is one way to learn about careers. The array of possible careers within the legal field is wider now than ever before.

Student Loan Interest Doesn't Take a Summer Break

Take control of your loan interest by making payments during deferment and grace periods, and relax a little easier in the summer sun.

Aspiring Law Students: Undergraduate Degree Options

For law students, choosing a traditional undergraduate degree like legal studies or pre-law can introduce you to extremely valuable skills.

Scholarly Writing Workshops: How You Can Benefit from Them

A workshop in scholarly writing could be just what you need. Upon completing the workshop, you will have grown professionally and personally.

Law Day Teaches All Americans How the Rule of Law Works

Law Day provides an opportunity for all Americans to better understand the law and the legal process. One way to see our legal system in action is a trial.