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AIAA Blasts Off: A New Aerospace Student Organization

AIAA is a professional society for those in aerospace engineering. Students and alumni are encouraged to become members in this organization.

Quantitative Assessments in Graduate Education (Part I)

Many universities frown upon the use of quantitative assessments in graduate programs. Most graduate coursework relies on essays and short-answer questions.

Be Sure to Maintain Your Federal Student Aid Eligibility

Whether you successfully navigated the financial aid process or are ready to fill out your FAFSA, know how to maintain your FSA eligibility.

Intelligence Collection: How Machine Learning Is Changing the Field

Technological advancements, including machine learning (ML), are assisting analysts in their efforts to collect and categorize massive amounts of data.

Achieving Career Success after Your College Graduation

Graduation is a rewarding and exciting time as you prepare for the workforce. Take advantage of networking opportunities and utilize resources.

Ethical Theories and the Infamous Trolley Problem, Part II

To illustrate the differences among these theories, we can apply the hypothetical ethics quandary introduced by Philippa Foot called “The Trolley Problem.”

Ethical Theories and the Infamous Trolley Problem, Part I

Through rigorous intellectual inquiry, philosophers have worked out some basic ethical theories upon which at some level most points of view can be mapped.

Membership Drives Encourage APUS Students to Stay Engaged

To promote membership in student organizations, the Office of Student and Alumni Affairs created a schedule to send emails to eligible students and alumni.