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APUS Model UN Club Will Compete as Italy This Year

Representing Italy this year, the APUS Model UN Club is now recruiting new team members for the upcoming D.C.-National Model United Nations Conference.

Calculating Your Cost of Attendance for College Expenses

For students who receive Federal Student Aid, your expenses will be outlined in your Cost of Attendance (COA). Understanding the COA empowers you.

APU Team Conducts Socio-Ecological Research in Belize

In late July, I led a team of researchers, including graduate student Mariana Jimenez, to conduct a socio-ecological research study in Belize.

College Instructors Can Be Distracted by Personal Issues

I try to be giving and work with these students as much as I can. But is there a different set of rules for instructors? There can be.

APUS Participates in National Day of Service and Remembrance

On Friday, September 6, WVSA and Golden Key International Honour Society will sponsor and participate in the National Day of Service and Remembrance.

Late Policies: Why They Matter in Business and Academia

The philosophy of not tolerating lateness translates quite well into academia, where students are subject to late policies for submitting coursework.

Golden Key International Honour Society Wins Award

The AMU and APU Chapter of the Golden Key International Honour Society received the Key Chapter award this year during the Golden Key Leadership Summit.

Plagiarism Remains a Problem among College Students

Plagiarism still exists. Since we know that plagiarism is frowned upon by just about everyone, why is it still a problem?