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STEM Education: New Research Sheds Light on Filling the STEM Gap for Girls

The lack of female representation in STEM-related career fields continues to mature as an area of focus and Microsoft’s findings shine a bright light on the need to more accurately connect one’s purpose and creative pursuits with relevant STEM opportunities.

International Day of Women & Girls in Science Highlights Neuroscience is Our Future

The gatherings around the globe for the International Day of Women and Girls in Science were occasions for celebration, but they were, more importantly, opportunities to discuss further progress for young women in the field to become leaders.

Study Explores How to Master a Skill You’ve Only Practiced in Your Mind

Many self-help books devote whole chapters to the use of visualization exercises to achieve peak performance. Everyone from professional athletes, to CEOs, and musicians tout its benefits for improving performance outcomes.

Are Human Beings the Only Technologically Advanced Civilization in the Universe?

It’s true that there are an astronomical number of possibilities for intelligent, technologically advanced lifeforms, but the huge uncertainties make it a very real possibility that humans are the only spacefaring aliens our Universe has ever known.

The Best Tracking Apps to Meet Your New Year Goals

Our smartphones, while causing some distraction, can also have great power for good. One of the ways is using them to set, track, and achieve our goals for the New Year and beyond.

5 Steps To Becoming the Most Productive You in 2018

As were coming into the new year take some time over the next few weeks to sit down and set your goals. Set your own personal goals, your business goals, and your health and fitness goals. Create both long and short term goals.

Computer Science vs. Computer Engineering: What's the Difference?

How is a CompSci degree different from a CompE degree? In the simplest of terms, computer scientists study theory and computer engineers build the things that bring those theories to life.

How to Watch Tonight’s Perseid Meteor Shower

By Erica Abbott

If you’re looking for one of nature’s greatest shows, simply look up at the sky tonight. The Perseid meteor shower is set to peak between tonight and tomorrow morning, and it’s sure to be out of this world. According to NASA, during the peak activity time between Aug. 11 and 12, there could be as many as 200 meteors per hour.