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A Little Free Library: APUS Community Remembers 9/11

On Friday, September 11, WVSA and other volunteers will promote literacy by repairing, painting, and restocking A Little Free Library in Ranson, WV.

Higher Education Is the Mountain Climb of a Lifetime (Part I)

As I reflect on my higher education experience over the past 16 years, I’ve realized that there are similarities between college and mountain climbing.

Educational Pods for Kids: A New Spin on an Old Challenge

At least for the remainder of 2020, the new normal will include distance learning, educational pods, tenacious tutoring and microschools.

Making a School Year Less Stressful for K-12 Students

Decisions are in flux regarding how traditional K-12 students, teachers, and staff will begin the quickly approaching school year.

Imposter Syndrome: Coping with It as a College Student

An estimated 70% of people experience the feelings associated with impostor syndrome at some point. But there are ways to alleviate its effects on you.

APUS Alumni Stories: Rising to the Challenges of Life

Life can sometimes present obstacles. But AMU graduate Denzel Johnson is a shining example of turning obstacles into opportunities.

Drones Could Overcome Problems with K-12 Online Learning

Drones have been utilized for a multitude of purposes. But there is one potential use of drones that hasn’t been fully explored yet: K-12 online learning.

The Systemic Inequities in the College Application Process

Inequities in the college application process illustrate not only systemic racism, but also illuminate other inequities in the process.