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The Problem Solvers of Tomorrow's Workforce

At the recent Virginia Education Summit, speaking in front of an audience of legislators and seated among leading university presidents, I went in bold, with this statement: An undergraduate degree grounded in the liberal arts and sciences is the best preparation for the workforce of tomorrow. Bar none.

Establishing a Teaching Presence through Effective Questioning Techniques in Forums

It is possible to develop an online community by establishing a teaching presence through effective questioning techniques.

Today's Google Doodle Celebrates Georges Lemaitre and The Big Bang

Today’s Google Doodle celebrates the 124th birthday of Georges Lemaître, the astronomer and physicist who first proposed the idea of an expanding universe which began with the event we now call the Big Bang.

Why Every Entrepreneur Should Write Their Business Story

Few entrepreneurs have stories that are as high profile as Branson’s or as dramatic as Daykin’s, and unless your business is already well known it’s tough to sell your business life story as a book. But that doesn’t mean your experiences lack literary merit.

STEM Education: New Research Sheds Light on Filling the STEM Gap for Girls

The lack of female representation in STEM-related career fields continues to mature as an area of focus and Microsoft’s findings shine a bright light on the need to more accurately connect one’s purpose and creative pursuits with relevant STEM opportunities.

International Day of Women & Girls in Science Highlights Neuroscience is Our Future

The gatherings around the globe for the International Day of Women and Girls in Science were occasions for celebration, but they were, more importantly, opportunities to discuss further progress for young women in the field to become leaders.

Study Explores How to Master a Skill You’ve Only Practiced in Your Mind

Many self-help books devote whole chapters to the use of visualization exercises to achieve peak performance. Everyone from professional athletes, to CEOs, and musicians tout its benefits for improving performance outcomes.

Are Human Beings the Only Technologically Advanced Civilization in the Universe?

It’s true that there are an astronomical number of possibilities for intelligent, technologically advanced lifeforms, but the huge uncertainties make it a very real possibility that humans are the only spacefaring aliens our Universe has ever known.