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Are College Degrees in History Fast Becoming History?

Why is there an apparent turn away from the study of history when the need to correct historical illiteracy appears so great?

Extinct and Endangered Languages Are Making a Comeback

A New York City-based nonprofit organization, Wikitongues, is now attempting to preserve endangered languages through video.

NSSE Survey 2019: The Value of Surveys in Higher Education

On February 14, first- and fourth-year AMU and APU students received an email invitation to participate in the 2019 NSSE survey.

Countering the Stress of Studying for Your Final Exams

With the holidays behind us, many college students now face the unenviable reality of studying for final exams. Here are several tips.

APUS Team Wins Two Awards at Model UN Competition Debut

Earlier this month, a team of five APUS students and their three coaches participated in their first Model UN competition and took home two awards.

The Advantages of Transfer Credit in Online Education

To further its goal of educational opportunities for all, APUS launched newly revised Transfer Credit Evaluation (TCE) pages on the AMU and APU websites.

Making the Most of Your Holiday Break at Home

Holiday breaks during college are a good time to push the refresh button, relax and put down the textbooks for a few days.

Why Prospective Teachers Should Study Foreign Languages

American K-12 teachers need to know foreign languages, because they are instructing an increasing number of students who are English learners (ELs).