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5 Things You (Probably) Don't Know About How Our Brains Process Beauty and Art

Almost everything most people think they know about the science of art and beauty is wrong.

Week 1 in the Online Classroom: How to Be Successful

Throughout your time as an online student, you will hear many tips related to how to be successful in your online classes. In this vlog, Professor Gray reviews those tips for finding your middle ground in online courses. Don't get left behind by ignoring your instructor's advice for ways to succeed in class.

The MSN: Choosing the Right Nursing Track for You

As current nurse leaders retire, we need nurse leaders with master’s degrees to fill several voids. In this vlog Dr. Kram reviews the education and training needed to fill these important roles in the field.

What You Need To Know About Virtual Internships

Whether you’re looking for your first career or your second or third, an internship can provide you valuable experience through hands on learning, industry exposure, and networking opportunities. Career Coach, Ann Eastham, addresses where internships can be found and when you should start your internship search.

Be Careful How You Spend Your FSA Funds

To earn your first FSA disbursement, you must demonstrate academic intent. Demonstrating academic intent includes signing a Master Promissory Note, signing a Verification Identity/Statement of Educational Purpose form and participating in your classroom on a regular basis.

How APU Is Enhancing Its Business Portfolio with 7 New Programs

This month, the School of Business at American Public University (APU)  introduced seven new degree and certificate programs. These new undergraduate and graduate programs are designed to enhance your skills in business analytics, technical management and accounting.

Regaining Federal Student Aid Eligibility

Utilizing Federal Student Aid (FSA) to pay for your college expenses is great, but you may find yourself in a situation where you lose your FSA eligibility. You can lose your eligibility for numerous reasons. Here are three major reasons you could lose FSA eligibility and what you can do about regaining it...

New Features for APUS Mobile App

APUS Mobile can be used anytime and anywhere. For example, you can write a forum post or type a message on your tablet or smartphone when you're offline.