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COVID-19 and Online Education: Perils and Opportunities

Online education is more than a platform. Instead, a properly constructed online course requires a tremendous amount of hard work.

APUS Student Organizations: Preparing Virtual Activities in the COVID Era

During COVID-19, many universities have overlooked the need to maintain healthy student organizations and other extracurricular activities.

The 'Silo Mentality' in the Online Classroom (Part I)

Online instructors can utilize discussion board-centric courses that incorporate various methods to combat the "silo mentality" in the online classroom.

The ‘Silo Mentality’ in the Online Classroom (Part II)

Discussion boards that are relevant, practical and innovative remain one of the most effective tools in an online classroom instructor’s toolbox.

Experiential Higher Education Still Has the Edge over AI

AI trends will affect online higher education over the next few decades as the line between online and brick-and-mortar education will blur further.

Tips for Helping You Decide Your Best Law School Choices

Potential applicants should make well-informed decisions before applying to law school. Admissions representatives can provide valuable information.

All Students Can Benefit from Mock Trial Competitions

Students from all majors should consider participating in mock trial competitions and other experiential experiences to learn useful skills.

Experiential Education Provides Online Students with Valuable Benefits

Despite having limited time, online students should engage in as many experiential education experiences as possible to enrich their digital education.