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The Role of Parents and Teachers in K-12 Online Learning

Because K-12 online learning is likely to continue for some time, parents and teachers have an important role in helping students succeed.

Studying Successful Ways to Reopen Schools as COVID-19 Continues

School districts might wish to study these COVID-19 protocols that have been effective at providing safe childcare during the pandemic.

How to Prepare for Gaps in K-12 Student Learning and Retention

Returning to school is inevitable, and there will likely be a gap in academic performance and retention from when K-12 students left the classroom in March.

Helping Online Students Overcome Coronavirus Pandemic Challenges

In light of the coronavirus pandemic, I have seen more challenges for online college students than I ever saw in the past.

Should You Take a Gap Year During the Coronavirus Pandemic?

A gap year between high school and college is relatively common. But this year, gap years are resulting from safety concerns.

Preparing K-12 Students for the Inevitable Return to School

This summer provides a valuable opportunity to help K-12 students develop habits that will increase their safety once school resumes.

Protecting Children from the Scourge of Cyberbullying

The internet can be a great learning tool in many ways. However, the internet also opens a special risk to children and teenagers called cyberbullying.

Transition to Online Learning Challenges K-12 Students and Teachers

For many teachers and K-12 students who have never experienced the online learning environment, this transition has brought about many challenges.