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Should You Take a Gap Year During the Coronavirus Pandemic?

A gap year between high school and college is relatively common. But this year, gap years are resulting from safety concerns.

Preparing K-12 Students for the Inevitable Return to School

This summer provides a valuable opportunity to help K-12 students develop habits that will increase their safety once school resumes.

Protecting Children from the Scourge of Cyberbullying

The internet can be a great learning tool in many ways. However, the internet also opens a special risk to children and teenagers called cyberbullying.

Transition to Online Learning Challenges K-12 Students and Teachers

For many teachers and K-12 students who have never experienced the online learning environment, this transition has brought about many challenges.

Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality in Higher Education

Higher education can incorporate virtual reality and augmented reality technology to enhance student learning beyond traditional classroom lectures.

Coronavirus Creates New Challenges for Online Students

For many college students, balancing multiple responsibilities and an online education is challenging enough. Now they face the coronavirus pandemic.

An Effective Dissertation Committee Can Assist Doctoral Candidates

Doctoral students who have the option to select their own dissertation committee should put a lot of time and consideration into the decision.

Preparing for Success as a New Online College Student

By effective time management and prioritizing tasks, online college students can reach their goal of succeeding in their pursuit of a collegiate education.