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Writing for Online Courses, an Often Solitary but Necessary Skill

Wearing two hats simultaneously is a demanding task. But mastering standard academic writing for your online classes will give you a leg up academically and keep you on track toward your degree.

Gamification Grows as Teaching Tool for Online and Traditional Education

Gamification uses game design techniques to engage learners with content either in the traditional classroom or integrated into an online learning experience. More and more educational institutions and corporate training programs are realizing the benefits of gamification.

Eight Tips for Success in the Online Learning Environment

In many respects, online learning is more demanding because students must take a more active role in their education. Here are eight tips that students need to follow to be successful in an online.

Why Research By Undergraduates is Important For Science and Students

The benefits of research extend beyond articles published and grants won. The most important part of research as an undergraduate student is often the transformation of the student, and the things they’ll go on to do in the future.

This Woman’s Name Appears on the Declaration of Independence. So Why Don’t We Know Her Story?

Mary Katherine Goddard put her full name at the bottom of all the copies of the Declaration that her printing presses churned out and distributed to the colonies.

What Will it Take to Bring Gender Balance to Silicon Valley?

Educational institutions and technology companies must come together to alter the current system that has largely failed our youth if we want to inspire girls and women to pursue careers in technology and improve the existing gender gap.

Your GPA is Your Calculator of Academic Success

The grade point average (GPA) is a quantitative measure of academic success; but it is not a full representation of your academic career.

You Can Receive Your Federal Student Aid Funds in Several Ways

Once you have completed your Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) and received an award letter from your school, you probably will be wondering how and when you will receive your federal funding.