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From Wedding Bells to Books: Going Back to School After the Honeymoon

By Madeline Roberts
Online Learning Tips Contributor

I’m just over a month into married life and now that I’m back into a somewhat normal routine, I have the time to recommit to my program. Having the time isn’t the same as being mentally prepared, however, so I’m sharing my plan for easing back into my program.

Study Hacks: Four Tips to Help You Succeed in an Online Class

By Madeline Kronfeld
Online Learning Tips Contributor

As an online student, you’re awarded the luxury of being able to study when it’s convenient for you. That means you don’t have to cram all night for an early morning exam but even so, it’s easy to lose focus and wind up trying to write a 10-page paper a few hours before it’s due. These study hacks will help you concentrate so you can ace your next assignment.

Integrating Individual Field Trips into Online Biology Courses

By Dr. Tricia S. Keiter
Associate Professor, School of Science, Technology, Engineering and Math at American Public University

An innovative approach that works for introductory biology class for both online and traditional classrooms uses individual field trip experiences as the foundation to deliver an engaging, broad-based learning activity to enhance the traditional biology curriculum.

Student Loan Grace Period Before Entering Repayment

There is some relief in not having to immediately begin repaying most federal student loans once you leave college or drop below half-time enrollment. There is a set period of time after you graduate, leave school, or drop below half time enrollment before you begin repaying Direct Loans.

Three Ways Volunteering Can Expand Your Skills

Volunteer work does more than just help with professional development. It also gives you a perspective on the world. As you begin to see what other people are suffering through, you will see your own life differently.

The Best Financial Aid Resources – Grants

It is important to take advantage of all beneficial resources to assist in paying for college expenses. Financial aid money that doesn’t have to be repaid, such as grants, are the most beneficial types of financial aid that you can receive.

State of the Union of APU’s STEM School

In this podcast, Dan Benjamin, dean of the School of Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math discusses how virtual labs and more are taking STEM education and APU students to new levels.

How to Manage Classes Around the Holidays

Managing your schedule during the holidays is no different than any other time of year when you have family obligations or weekends out of town but you may need to spend more time on the planning process. Here's my advice for maintaining your grades during the holidays.