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APUS Alumni Stories: Mentoring the APUS Community

AMU graduate Colonel (retired) William V. “Bill” Wenger has over 50 years of mentoring experience. He says, “Mentoring has brought me much satisfaction."

APUS Alumni Advisory Council Welcomes New Members for 2020

There are 33 members on the 2020 Alumni Advisory Council. Here are the president, vice president, secretary and webmaster.

APUS Alumni Stories: Connecting Philosophy and Business

From a young age, Zach Renfro enjoyed the argumentation and abstraction of philosophy. Zach earned a B.A. in philosophy from AMU in 2017.

APUS Alumni Stories: Breaking New Ground in Pathology

AMU alumnus Brian Wellborn's greatest accomplishment to date involves bringing the largest digital pathology network for human diagnostics live.

APUS Alumni Stories: Crafting Novels that Entertain

AMU graduate Leiba Faircloth writes fiction novels and non-fiction books. Leiba wrote her first novel, “Reclamation,” after she completed her master’s.

The Alumni Advisory Council Is Calling for New Members

The Alumni Advisory Council is a helpful way to increase alumni engagement. All members of the alumni community are invited to join this council.

Community Connections Can Overcome Imposter Syndrome

Imposter syndrome, a common feeling of inadequacy or a lack of confidence, is a psychological condition that is all too prevalent on college campuses.

APUS Alumni Stories: Teaching Cultural Comprehension

James Welch earned a M.A. summa cum laude in intelligence studies from AMU in 2013. In his job, the biggest challenges are language and cultural barriers.