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APUS Alumni Stories: Educating Native American Students

APU graduate Kathy Dorner is an elementary school counselor at McLaughlin School in South Dakota, educating and counseling mostly Native American students.

APUS Alumni Stories: Succeeding in Sports and in Life

APU sports management graduate Malone Silver's passion is helping people reach their full potential not just in sports, but in life as well.

APUS Alumni Stories: Creating National Security Strategy

Wade Jones helped the Solomon Islands draft its first-ever National Security Strategy in 2018 and has settled into business consulting.

APUS Alumni Stories: Guiding Others toward Happiness

AMU graduate and monk Ricardo Ortega practices and instructs others in meditation and assists others in cultivating their own happiness.

APUS Alumni Stories: Stopping Human Trafficking Abroad

Bren Journey completed her master’s in public health in 2017 at APU. She is currently the CEO of LoHI and assists in human trafficking prevention.

National Mentoring Month and Why Mentoring Matters

National Mentoring Month raises awareness of the need for personal and professional mentoring and recruits mentors who can be positive role models.

Global Leader G4S and AMU Team Up to Educate Security Employees

G4S agreed to partner with AMU in 2017. There are a number of G4S employees taking advantage of the partnership, including master's student Joshua Rich.

APUS Alumni Stories: Triumphing over Adverse Circumstances

Despite adverse circumstances in life, AMU alumnus Daniel Torrio is celebrating his accomplishment of earning his bachelor of arts in military history.