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Law Day Teaches All Americans How the Rule of Law Works

Law Day provides an opportunity for all Americans to better understand the law and the legal process. One way to see our legal system in action is a trial.

APUS Named a National Center of Academic Excellence

According to DHS and NSA, APUS is now a National Center of Academic Excellence. Only 200 universities are members of the CAE-CD program.

From High School Dropout to Student Organization Leader

AMU student Gabriel Hamilton knows the value of a college education. But the path to his college degree was far from easy.

Three Tips for Creating a Manageable Course Load

There are three viable options to help you create a manageable course load and achieve your academic goals without feeling overwhelmed.

Intellectual Property Law Determines Who Owns Images

It was once rare for intellectual property law and pop culture to collide. But celebrities’ use of social media have made such collisions commonplace.

Attending School as an Adult Learner: What to Remember

Returning to school as an online adult learner can be difficult without the right knowledge and tools. However, it does have its advantages.

How to Write a Master's Thesis or Other Assignment

Writing a thesis or any other type of class assignment involves considerable work. Here are three important tips to help you when obligations collide.

Why Chapter Standards Matter at Student Organizations

Chapter standards for student organizations very important at APUS. They provide a way for achievements to be recognized.