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It’s National Online Learning Day!

September 15 is National Online Learning Day, which recognizes advancements in education technology, curriculum and the ability of higher education to meet the needs of lifelong learners asynchronously.

COVID-19 Is Creating A 'New Normal' in Learning and Teaching

This pandemic is a disruption to education. But our students, teachers, and institutions have an opportunity for a new learning experience.

Coronavirus Pandemic Presents Opportunities for Online Learning

Colleges and universities across the United States have responded to the coronavirus pandemic by transitioning to entirely online instruction.

Earth Day Celebrates Its Fiftieth Anniversary

This year marks the 50th anniversary of the first Earth Day, which was the “birth of the modern environmental movement” according to EarthDay.org.

There Are Alternative Activities for Children When Schools Are Closed

One common theme from parents during this coronavirus pandemic is that they are looking for activities to keep their children occupied.

APU Launches New Momentum 2020 Scholarship to Help College Students Disrupted by the Coronavirus Pandemic

As society continues to help lessen the effects of the worldwide pandemic, many students are self-distancing while looking to stay productive. American Public University (APU) is helping to bridge this gap.

5 Helpful Steps to Transfer Credits Using APU’s Momentum 2020 Scholarship

The coronavirus pandemic has forced four-year universities and colleges to close physical campuses and shift to online learning platforms. To help students who may have had their degree plan disrupted, American Public University (APU) is offering a short-term, scholarship program for visiting students.

Creating an Engaging Online Learning Environment

Adjusting to an online learning environment can be tricky, not just for the educator but for the student as well. This adjustment may be rocky at first.