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Handling Plagiarism Professionally as an Online Educator

As frustrating and time-consuming as plagiarism can be for online educators, it is important to handle these incidents professionally.

Why Grading on a Curve Makes Academic Sense, Part II

There are common arguments from instructors against grading on a curve, but each of these arguments ultimately fails under scrutiny.

Earning an Intelligence Degree and How It Helped Me

What I’ve learned in the classroom has spurred new approaches, new ideas, and creative ways of thinking about my role as an intelligence practitioner.

Why a Cybersecurity Education Is Important (Video)

In this insightful video, Wes O’Donnell speaks with Dr. Kevin Harris about the importance of a cybersecurity education and the lack of qualified people.

Research and Teaching Are Two Different Callings

For the sake of our students and all stakeholders in the education process, let the researchers research and let the teachers teach.

Family Support Makes a Crucial Difference in Online Education

In this special Commencement video, Dr. Marie Gould Harper sat down with 2019 graduate Jesus Serafin Jr. and his greatest support system, his family.

The Best in Education Is Yet to Come, Thanks to AI

Numerous examples of artificial intelligence are around us now. Is it really a stretch to start thinking about how AI can be infused into the classroom?

APUS Named a National Center of Academic Excellence

According to DHS and NSA, APUS is now a National Center of Academic Excellence. Only 200 universities are members of the CAE-CD program.