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Financial Aid Fraud and Its Legal Consequences

The easiest way to avoid committing financial aid fraud is to have good intentions and be honest and accurate in your FSA application(s).

What You Should Do with an FSA Credit Balance Refund

Once you receive your FSA credit balance refund, you are permitted to spend it only on educational needs. It should not be treated like a windfall.

Figure Out FSA Loan Repayments with the Repayment Estimator

StudentLoans.gov has a Repayment Estimator tool on its website where FSA borrowers can examine various repayment options.

Maintain Satisfactory Academic Progress to Keep Your FSA

There are several basic eligibility criteria that you must meet to receive your FSA. Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP) is a major criterion.

Determining Dependency Status when You Apply for Federal Student Aid

It is important to understand that dependency status has a unique definition for Federal Student Aid (FSA) and how it affects your financial aid.