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How Can a History Degree Help in Your Career?

What does military history have to do with technology? Not a lot, but the effort to earn the degree, the skills acquired along the way, and the practice of those skills all made me better in my current career.

The Best Method for Accessing Kindle Notations

The beauty of reading books on the Kindle is the ease with which you can highlight and add notes. Yet even more beautiful is the ease of accessing those highlights and notes later.

A History Degree Makes You a Better Writer

Pursing a history degree has made me a better writer. It will make you better too. With upwards of 40 different teachers reviewing your work, you pick up basic concepts such as passive and active voice.

So You Want to Learn About Counterinsurgency?

Counterinsurgency (COIN) has been a hot topic over the past decade with the US-led coalition wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. If you are new to the topic, there is an endless stream of commentary and analysis on the topic.

Use Chrome to Access Pages on All Your Devices

If you are like many students, then you have multiple devices. The pain has always been reading a webpage on one device, but then forgetting its web address when you transition to another device.

There’s No Prison for Plagiarism, but It Will Ruin Your Career

The softest of penalties usually involve retaking a course while a big F or W looms on a transcript. With both students and historians, plagiarism will ruin careers, even if it does not result in explicit punishment.

Special History Topics for Online Learners

American Military University offers HIST480, a special history course that changes depending on interest and availability. History and military history undergrads can use HIST480 to help fulfill one concentration requirement.

Cheap History Books for the Kindle

The best part about Amazon’s Kindle is when it offers cheap books. Sometimes the sales are temporary and you must remain diligent to catch them.