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Get a Degree in What Interests You

Around 2007, I went to interview with a large health insurance company. The position was for a business analyst manager in their technology division, something I already had experience in doing. The interview was going well until the VP looked at my application.

Used Bookstores as a Discovery Process

If your goal is to find a specific book or even find a book at the right price, you are likely headed for disappointment. Instead, you should consider visiting a used bookstore as a discovery process.

Learning When to Trust Your Historians

When has a historian gained your trust? That is for you to decide. In essence, your ability to determine the necessary level of scrutiny to apply to each historian you encounter is part of how others will judge your work in the future.

The Best Use for Readability

Earlier this year, we reviewed Readability, an app available across all platforms. It promises to transform text from websites, strip out the ads, and put it in a readable format.

Citing a YouTube Video with Chicago Manual of Style

With the prevalence of YouTube on the Internet, historians can find clips of just about everything on the website. Useful videos include but are not limited to academic lectures, documentaries, and historical footage.

Exploring the 150th of Gettysburg

Over the past month, we have told you how to follow the 150th anniversary commemorations of Gettysburg (July 1-3). Yet, nothing does the experience justice like experiencing it in person.

Review of the SoundBender for the iPad

After seeing this item on an episode of The Shark Tank, I was curious if the SoundBender really worked.

The Civil War Trust’s Animated Gettysburg Maps

In preparation for the sesquicentennial, the Civil War Trust has just released a series of animated maps of the Battle of Gettysburg. This includes re-enactments, photos, and impressive computer-animated maps, all with music and narration.