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Six Things to Know before You Choose a Degree Program

If you have it in mind to further your education, here are six tips to consider as you’re choosing a more advanced degree.

How to Properly Cite Common Knowledge Sources in Papers

Proper citation can be a tricky business. What standards do you use when you cite material that could be considered common knowledge?

Coping with Burnout When You Take Online Classes

Feeling burned out is common when you’ve been working for years to complete a certificate or a degree. When you begin to suffer burnout, try these tips.

APUS Active Minds to Host Suicide Prevention Symposium

To educate students, alumni, staff and faculty about suicide prevention, the APUS chapter of Active Minds will hold a two-day online symposium.

Choosing a Major Requires Self-Examination and Research

Choosing a major in college isn’t always an easy decision. You may even change your degree program during your time at the university.

Overcoming Academic Challenges When You're an Online Student

Like most college students, I experienced academic challenges. As a result, I learned several strategies that can help you overcome many common challenges.

Protecting Your Identity Saves Your Money and Your Sanity

It is a terrible feeling to find out that you are the victim of identity theft. However, protecting yourself decreases your chances of becoming a victim.

Course Substitutes: What to Do When a Course Is No Longer Available

During the annual review process, some courses might be phased out of the curriculum. In this situation, course substitutes may be provided.