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Tips for Students Using APU's Momentum 2020 Scholarship as They Transition to Online Learning

APU recently introduced its Momentum 2020 Scholarship. There are some adjustments to be made, naturally, for online learning students.

Courses for Transfer: An Alternative Education Option

Both AMU and APU, leaders in online higher education, offer a useful way to get a head start on your education: courses for transfer.

Helping K-12 Educators Make the Switch to Online Teaching

To aid K-12 instructors switching to online teaching as the result of weather-related disasters or other situations, APU offers a M.Ed. in Online Teaching.

New Computer Technology and Master's Education Programs Are Here

We frequently review our academic programs to ensure they fulfill students’ educational needs. In January 2020, we added three new programs to our catalog.

Seeking Student Stories: Be the Next Voice of Your University

We are seeking student stories to tell the world in 2020. If you’re a current AMU or APU student or alumni, we want to hear from you!

Six Jolly Ways of Handling Your Online Classes during the Holidays

For adult learners, taking online classes is challenging enough. How do you handle all the extra demands on your time during the holidays?

Maintaining an Even Balance among Work, Life and School

Going back to school is particularly challenging for adult learners. If you find yourself struggling to maintain a balance, there are various options.

Maximizing Your Education at Business Conferences

There are multiple ways to ensure that you leave business conferences feeling like you’ve significantly increased your professional knowledge.