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Bring Some Love to Your Financial Situation by Managing Your Finances Properly

February is a month for love. While it is great to have someone to share your love, it is equally important to pay attention to your financial situation.

Open Educational Resources Could Be Affected by Amazon's Newest Hire

Open Educational Resources are still new and there are many roadblocks to overcome. Many educational eyes will be on Thille’s work at Amazon.

What Does the Retail Industry Have in Common with Education?

What does retail have in common with education? The forces of nature have disrupted both industries, and it is interesting to watch how each responds.

Plagiarism: A Teaching Experience for Both Student and Instructor

If we do our job of teaching plagiarism errors properly, our students will then become editors and teachers to others in the world of academic authorship.

Avoid Investing in Financial Fads and Keep Your Money Safe

The next time you hear about the latest financial fads, stop and think about them long and hard. Do your own research and consult with a trusted advisor.

APUS Alumni Stories: Changing Lives through Public Service and a Love of Education

Donald Barnett, AMU Class of 2014, says, "Public service was the best way for me to use my skills and knowledge to make someone's life better."

Improve Your Students' Writing by Removing 'I' from Their Narratives

The “I” appears repeatedly in most students’ writing. But that phrasing changes the paper's focus to the student instead of the topic.

The Secret to Converting a Research Idea into Multiple Articles

For your Ph.D. research, there are many articles to write and publish along the way toward your final reward – that one and only dissertation.