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What Should Educators Do When Students Show No Interest in Traditional Learning?

Recent trends indicate that the classroom experience for students today differs from what it was in the past. We need to rethink how we measure success.

The Educational Benefits of Moot Trials, Debates and the Model UN Competitions

Some of the best student learning occurs outside the classroom at moot trials, debates and Model U.N. competitions that occur across the nation every year.

Changing Your EFC or Enrollment Status Affects Your Pell Grant

There are situations when the total amount of Pell Grant funds you receive need recalculation. To avoid a recalculation, plan a realistic course schedule.

New GI Bill Increases Educational Opportunities for Veterans

Acquiring an education with the new GI Bill may help you find better employment. Wise veterans will want to “up-armor” their resume with college experience.

History Outside of the Museum: Exploring a 16th-Century Torah

APUS had the opportunity to host an exciting piece of history – a Torah scroll used by a community of Jews in sixteenth-century Yemen!

Demystifying the Final Program Requirement for Graduate Students

The final program requirement is the culminating experience at the graduate level of study, and the “last hurdle” to getting your graduate degree.

Cybersecurity: A Look at the Future from Different Experts

Homeowners and companies require increased cybersecurity to protect their devices and data. Experts differ in regard to what form that security will take.

Living with Diabetes: I Am a Diabetic and I Vote, Too!

On November 2, I celebrated my 25th anniversary as a diabetic. While diabetes is a disease, it’s something that has become part of who I am.