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Living with Diabetes: I Am a Diabetic and I Vote, Too!

On November 2, I celebrated my 25th anniversary as a diabetic. While diabetes is a disease, it’s something that has become part of who I am.

Textbooks in the Online Classroom: Are Open Educational Resources a Paradigm Shift or a Fad?

Some people believe the textbook market is in trouble. One reason: The price of textbooks has increased 82 percent during the last decade.

Financial Preparation Is Needed for Having and Supporting Children

One of the biggest financial ventures is children. With good preparation, you'll put yourself in a better position to handle your children’s expenses.

Flu Season Is Here: Are You Prepared to Protect Yourself?

In order to develop immunity, it is best to be vaccinated two weeks prior to exposure to the flu virus. Vaccination should occur by the end of October.

The Power of Teaching Writing Skills and 'Feeling the Spaces'

There is merit and value in improving our students’ writing skills. In the world of academia (as elsewhere in life), communicating well is essential.

APUS Alumni Stories: Everyday Hero Jim Langborg Provides Safety and Security to His Community

Firefighters are heroes who protect community safety and security. One such hero is AMU graduate Jim Langborg (Class of 2013).

We Need a New Grading Rubric for Students in the Information Age

How do we teachers measure the knowledge gained by our students in the information age? How can we give our students ways to think on their own?

Reverse Logistics Lesson: Turning Trash into Cash Is a Growth Industry

Trash is a core pillar of reverse logistics. The growth of the trash industry and higher educational opportunities have expanded simultaneously.