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Coming Soon to the Ecampus: Success Center Launches in July

On Monday, July 1, the Success Center, a new online resource, will be available on both the AMU and APU student ecampuses.

Summer College Classes: Get Ahead on Your Education

Taking summer college classes online is a popular and effective way to make up academic credits and complete a degree more quickly.

Four Ways to Make Your Forum Posts More Noteworthy

While you need to pay careful attention to the grading rubric, there are four ways to make forum posts more interesting to write and for others to read.

How Long Should You Store Your Financial Papers?

There is no need to retain all your financial papers indefinitely. Some can be discarded within a year or less, while other records should be kept longer.

Struggling with a Math Class? Check Out Online Tutorials

Handling any math courses that you’ll need for your degree could prove tricky. Fortunately, there are multiple tutorial sites available online.

Six Things to Know before You Choose a Degree Program

If you have it in mind to further your education, here are six tips to consider as you’re choosing a more advanced degree.

How to Properly Cite Common Knowledge Sources in Papers

Proper citation can be a tricky business. What standards do you use when you cite material that could be considered common knowledge?

Coping with Burnout When You Take Online Classes

Feeling burned out is common when you’ve been working for years to complete a certificate or a degree. When you begin to suffer burnout, try these tips.