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Evaluating Your Sources before You Write a Research Paper

Using carefully chosen, high-quality sources leads to a good research paper. These sources make the difference between a mediocre grade and a high grade.

To Be More Effective, Teachers Need to Take the Time to Pause

Every so often, we teachers need to pause to prepare ourselves to face the reality of our students’ stress. We are here to help and guide others.

How to Get Back on Track in Your Class after Falling Behind

Any number of factors have the potential to cause you to miss at least one of your weekly class deadlines. But there are several options available to you.

The ABCs of Writing a Final Paper for Your Online Class

By following these instructions, you will meet the requirements for your final paper and make it easier for your instructor to give you a good final grade.

How to Get Your Students Engaged and Addicted to Learning

How can we get students addicted to learning? It can be a struggle to find that magic bullet that engages students in our virtual classrooms.

Helping Students to Avoid Succumbing to the Temptation of Plagiarism

Regular communication is vital to avoid a major incident like plagiarism. Give your students the ability to succeed with guidance and training.

Feeling the Heat? How to Stay Motivated in the Online Learning Environment This Summer

We recently asked our social media communities to share their tips to stay motivated during the summer. We hope that their answers will inspire you.

A Basic Primer on University Admissions Requirements and Financial Aid

To be accepted, you have to satisfy basic admissions requirements. APUS has a streamlined process that offers flexibility and academic program integrity.