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Critical Thinking Helps Students Assess Current Problems Like COVID-19

Problem solving and critical thinking promote the accumulation of knowledge for all students, especially in the case of the deadly COVID-19 pandemic.

Can Teacherbots Be Programmed with Ethical Behavior?

As we step into the realm of teacherbots, we need interaction between social and technology researchers to further our understanding of teacherbots’ ethics.

Share Your Online 'Report Cards' with Your Children

When your K-12 students share their report cards with you, do you share yours with them? You should. I did when I was in college.

College Students of Tomorrow Will Face Fluency Issues

Many factors influence how we teach and how teachers and college students collaborate. The future seems ripe for a fluency change in learning by 2030.

Robots Cannot Replace Live Student-Teacher Relationships

While robots, artificial intelligence (AI) and smart software help humans do their work, the thinking still comes from humans.

Will AI Teacherbots Ever Replace Online Instructors?

Five professors of American Public University System (APUS) are conducting research on whether an AI system could ever replace online college professors.

Dr. King’s Dream of Freedom Remains a Work in Progress

His dream of freedom did come true, but how many more presidents will it take before Dr. King’s vision truly becomes our united American dream?

Collegiate Research Requires Both the Internet and Libraries

Do not rely solely on the internet search process. Consider that research data could be hidden in other publications, not just online.