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Students Can Use the Pandemic to Hone Their Writing Skills

Writing in general now has a new focus on accuracy, trust and truth. Students must continue to write and learn about good writing.

How to Write a Pandemic Paper in the Midst of COVID-19

Writing ideas for a pandemic paper are everywhere. There are good and bad things happening, even during this life-threatening pandemic.

The Pandemic Impact on College Students and Their Writing

As teachers, we must show a greater understanding of what our students are living through with their families during this COVID-19 pandemic.

COVID-19: Changing Logistics and Supply Chain Management Courses

As a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, college and university courses in logistics, supply chain, and crisis management will need updating.

Society and the Unique Circumstances of 2020 Graduates

2020 graduates, you are the leaders of the future. Start planning, and use the special gifts you’ve been given to make it a better future for all of us.

Critical Thinking Helps Students Assess Current Problems Like COVID-19

Problem solving and critical thinking promote the accumulation of knowledge for all students, especially in the case of the deadly COVID-19 pandemic.

Can Teacherbots Be Programmed with Ethical Behavior?

As we step into the realm of teacherbots, we need interaction between social and technology researchers to further our understanding of teacherbots’ ethics.

Share Your Online 'Report Cards' with Your Children

When your K-12 students share their report cards with you, do you share yours with them? You should. I did when I was in college.