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Learning to Write Well Requires Professorial Guidance

Not everyone is born to write. But can we teach that nervous and intimidated student to write a paper in that first week? Yes.

College Reverse Logistics Contest Aims at Campus Waste

Today, over 600 colleges and universities take recycling seriously. These academic institutions have turned reverse logistics into a business and a contest.

Using the Inverted Pyramid in Your College Paper Writing

The inverted pyramid method of writing can be used to remove the fear of writing that first college paper to that final capstone or dissertation.

AI Online Teachers May Not Be a Good Instructional Tool

We should not embrace AI and robotic systems without examining how and who will build these artificial intelligence online teachers.

How to Create Useful Videos for Online College Courses

Online college courses are a perfect venue for short videos from the professor introducing the students to the course or for other purposes.

Three Steps to Writing Better Student College Papers

Weekly writing assignments are often a daunting experience for online students. Here are three tips to help students write better papers.

Could AI Teachers Replace Your Online Instructors?

If a builder of online classes can overcome all the negative aspects of using AI instructors, then there might be a place in the future for AI teachers.

How to Better Engage Students in Online College Courses

Which do students prefer – online learning or attending an on-campus school? I emailed questions to 100 students at three different online universities.