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How to Better Engage Students in Online College Courses

Which do students prefer – online learning or attending an on-campus school? I emailed questions to 100 students at three different online universities.

Writing Your First College Paper: Steps for Success

Writing your first college paper doesn’t have to be intimidating. Here are some tips to improve your overall academic success.

Writing More Creative Forum Posts for Your Online Class

Going to college is all about seeing something in a new light. With creative forum posts, you may be surprised at the number of replies you receive.

Useful Classroom Tips for First-Time College Students

If you follow these simple tips for first-time college students, you will have an improved chance of earning that perfect grade.

Creating Robots to Replace Online Professors, Part 2

Robots as AI instructors are coming. But we teaching experts need to tackle the key issues that give credibility to online professors.

Creating Robots to Replace Online Professors, Part 1

Robots or AI systems are here to stay. Artificial intelligence has invaded other industries, so why shouldn't it enter education?

Good Writing Matters, Especially in Online Classrooms

Good writing is a simple skill to master and the rewards last your lifetime. Spending extra time developing your spelling and writing skills is the key.

How Should Professors Treat Military Students in Online Classes?

Each instructor of military students must become a coach and mentor to help them succeed and meet their educational goals.