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Creating Robots to Replace Online Professors, Part 2

Robots as AI instructors are coming. But we teaching experts need to tackle the key issues that give credibility to online professors.

Creating Robots to Replace Online Professors, Part 1

Robots or AI systems are here to stay. Artificial intelligence has invaded other industries, so why shouldn't it enter education?

Good Writing Matters, Especially in Online Classrooms

Good writing is a simple skill to master and the rewards last your lifetime. Spending extra time developing your spelling and writing skills is the key.

How Should Professors Treat Military Students in Online Classes?

Each instructor of military students must become a coach and mentor to help them succeed and meet their educational goals.

Plagiarism and the Widespread Sale of Student Papers

When students see that they can create an original paper and be praised for their work, they feel a sense of pride and professionalism. How do we as teachers instruct our students about the perils of cheating when there is so much evidence of people getting away with it?

Tips for Writing a Well-Crafted, Thoughtful Final Paper

How do you find a good topic for your final paper at the beginning of a class? In some cases, you might be given a precise topic from your instructor. Alternatively, he or she might give you two possible ideas for the paper.

Could Robots Teach Online College Courses? Part II

When an AI robot teacher can talk autonomously and interact in the exchange of words and ideas, then AI teaching technology will have fully arrived.

Could Robots Teach Online College Courses? Part I

Robots and AI software are the next logical steps in educational technology. If it hasn’t happened already, AI will likely affect your future as a teacher.