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Will AI Teacherbots Ever Replace Online Instructors?

Five professors of American Public University System (APUS) are conducting research on whether an AI system could ever replace online college professors.

Dr. King’s Dream of Freedom Remains a Work in Progress

His dream of freedom did come true, but how many more presidents will it take before Dr. King’s vision truly becomes our united American dream?

Collegiate Research Requires Both the Internet and Libraries

Do not rely solely on the internet search process. Consider that research data could be hidden in other publications, not just online.

Using Metrics to Enhance Student Performance in Forums

We need to find the best ways to improve student engagement in weekly forum discussions. Student engagement is the important metric in these online forums.

Learning to Write Well Requires Professorial Guidance

Not everyone is born to write. But can we teach that nervous and intimidated student to write a paper in that first week? Yes.

College Reverse Logistics Contest Aims at Campus Waste

Today, over 600 colleges and universities take recycling seriously. These academic institutions have turned reverse logistics into a business and a contest.

Using the Inverted Pyramid in Your College Paper Writing

The inverted pyramid method of writing can be used to remove the fear of writing that first college paper to that final capstone or dissertation.

AI Online Teachers May Not Be a Good Instructional Tool

We should not embrace AI and robotic systems without examining how and who will build these artificial intelligence online teachers.