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Networking While in College Can Foster Career Success

In addition to the valuable knowledge a college education provides, students also have professional networking opportunities that could prove beneficial.

Legal Studies: A 2019 Outlook on Potential Legal Careers

Earning a legal studies degree is one way to learn about careers. The array of possible careers within the legal field is wider now than ever before.

APUS Alumni Stories: Developing Leaders and Probing Space

Leonard Momeny completed a M.S. in Space Studies at AMU in 2014. We connected with Leonard to learn about his aviation career and his continuing education.

Aspiring Law Students: Undergraduate Degree Options

For law students, choosing a traditional undergraduate degree like legal studies or pre-law can introduce you to extremely valuable skills.

Scholarly Writing Workshops: How You Can Benefit from Them

A workshop in scholarly writing could be just what you need. Upon completing the workshop, you will have grown professionally and personally.

How to Better Engage Students in Online College Courses

Which do students prefer – online learning or attending an on-campus school? I emailed questions to 100 students at three different online universities.

APUS 2019 Faculty Award Winners Announced

Congratulations to our 2019 APUS faculty award winners! These awards recognize nine outstanding faculty members who have demonstrated teaching excellence.

APUS Alumni Stories: Educating Native American Students

APU graduate Kathy Dorner is an elementary school counselor at McLaughlin School in South Dakota, educating and counseling mostly Native American students.