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In keeping with the theme of mobility, apps can be your best friend online. With the popularity of smartphones, and the ability to download an app from anywhere, the staff at OnlineLearningTips.com wanted to get students started with a list of useful apps.

APUS Mobile 
APUS students can now access their mobile classroom 24/7 from anywhere. Available on Google Play as well.
Need some mobile flashcards you won’t forget at home? This app gives you access to millions of pre-made Flashcard sets.
Reading a PDF for class? This app makes it easier to view the PDF and has a great annotation tool.
Graphic Calculator
Here is a mobile-friendly graphic calculator with hundreds of options to choose from, and with the HD version you can use the app on your iPad for better viewing.
iA Writer
As a student you take a lot of notes. This app has a simple text editor that allows you to write out your notes, and then sync them with your iPad or desktop.
Merge your handwriting with mobile applications. This note taking app allows you to take notes or sketch images. You can also share these notes with others in your class.
Create multiple pin boards to store ideas away for home remodeling, travel destination spots, as well as research ideas and resources for class. You can also follow your school on Pinterest.
School Helper
This is an all-in-one school organizer. You can start by managing your grades, adding notes to the calendar about an upcoming assignment, or just keep all of your classes in one place on your mobile device.
Study Blue
Here is another way to engage with your flashcards on the go. This app helps you mobilize your notes for class, so you can take them wherever you need to study. Available for Apple and Android.
Wi-fi Finder
Online students are always moving. So it is a necessity to have an app that shows you where to find local wi-fi to get your classwork done.