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Getting Involved with Your Online Class: 5 Must-Do’s

By Leslie Olsen
Online Learning Tips, Special Contributor

The way we learn has changed forever. Congruently, so is the way we are taught. Academic institutions, the professors, and the instructors must find new and perhaps enticing methods to reach out to students in order to optimize their online learning experience and maximize their future scholastic and career opportunities.

The Extreme Approach to Removing Distractions

Admissions Checklist: Is the School Accredited? Why This is Important

By Hunter Barrat
Senior Admissions Representative at American Public University

When researching colleges, both online and campus, be sure that the school you choose is worth the time and money you will spend on your education. The first item on your list should be: Is this school accredited by a recognized agency? This is crucial for several reasons:

Online Learning’s Multicultural Reach and Learning Benefits