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3 Things to Do in Your First Week of Online Classes

Vlog with J. Stasiw and Madeline Roberts
Online Learning Tips Staff

In this "Ask a Student" vlog we talk about the three more important things that need to be considered in your first week of online classes. So for those of you starting new courses at the beginning of May, listen up! There are some actionable items in this video that will help you to stay organized, and could potentially minimize your stress levels when classes start up again.

There’s No Prison for Plagiarism, but It Will Ruin Your Career

How Online Learners Can Boost Average Class Assignments

By Dr. Bruce A. Johnson
Online Learning Tips, Guest Contributor

Students are also told that they need to demonstrate critical thinking and that may also seem to be vague, unless there is an explanation and format or example provided for you to use. I have been an online educator and worked with students about these very issues. While grading standards may vary among instructors and schools, there is a general standard that all college students should strive for with all of their work in the classroom.

Achieving Career Success after Your College Graduation