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3 Tips for Success as a Graduate Student

By Dr. Jennifer Douglas
Associate Dean, Graduate Studies at American Public University

Succeeding as a graduate student requires passion for your subject and dedication to your courses. Based on our data about graduate student success, certain behaviors contribute to the likelihood of graduate students finishing their programs. Although everyone’s life circumstances are unique, the following three tips offer ways to navigate graduate school and complete your journey toward a graduate degree.

Hospitality Management Program Overview

Balancing Act: Graduate School and Children

By Rebecca Alwine
Alumna, American Military University

Parents are superheroes, plain and simple, consistently putting their children’s needs ahead of their own. So how do they go back to school? The secrets to success involve securing a support system, taking it one day at a time, keeping focus, and balancing school and family commitments. Here are some examples of great parents who mastered the balancing act.

Tips for Low-Income Students to Cut College Costs

The Positive Aspects of Student Loan Debt

By Ryan Laspina
Senior Specialist, Red Flags and External Reviews at APUS

Whether you hear presidential candidates speaking on it, read it in the newspaper, or see it on the news, student loan debt seems to be an insurmountable problem with no solution and no positive consequences. While the total student loan debt in this country is absolutely absurd, that does not necessarily mean that student loan debt is completely negative.

Tip of the Day: Keep Practicing and Rehearsing What You’ve Learned