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The Practical Use of APA: The Secret Weapon You Never Knew You Had

By Dr. Elliott S. Lynn
Faculty Member, IT at American Public University

In all my years of education, I always thought of adhering to APA guidelines as nothing more than a silly formality that academic institutions use to be able to deduct points from students. As an information technology professional, I found the logic and value behind APA useless until I got my first high-profile position.

Myths of the English Major

Cybersecurity Hits Hollywood: What Have We Learned?

By J. Thompson
Online Learning Tips Contributor

Black Hand’s assassination of Archduke Ferdinand and his wife triggered World War I. Pearl Harbor thrust the U.S. from isolationism into World War II. The Gulf of Tonkin catalyzed U.S. military intervention in Vietnam. Is it possible that the Rogen-Franco hackneyed Hollywood comedy The Interview (in the vein of 1985’s Chase-Akroyd, Spies Like Us) will become the flashpoint for The Great Cyberwar in the chronicles of history?x

PLA: An Alternative Approach to Earning College Credit

Calling IT Majors: Do You Have a Career Direction After Graduation?

By Robert Marlett
Faculty Member, IT at American Public University 

The question is no longer does a business require an online presence, but when should they go online. All businesses large and small continue to spend a great deal of time and effort to reach new customers. However, to be effective, a company that is currently on the Internet or is planning to be requires three essential components. They need to be able to find or increase their target audience, protect their network infrastructure and be able to minimize damage when it occurs.

What You Need to Ask When Choosing an Online Professor