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Picking Your Professor: When You Should Branch Out

By Dr. Randall Cuthbert
Associate Professor, Emergency & Disaster Management at American Public University

Taking courses from as wide a variety of instructors as possible brings the knowledge from each into your knowledge base. The wisdom becomes uniquely your own and is greater than the sum of the parts. That’s a successful use of instructor resources. Shop for your instructors like you shop for anything else. They all have bios out there. Learn what each has to offer, engage them frequently, and use them to your best advantage!

Interactive Study Through MOOCs: Cyber-Influence and Power

How to Decide if College is Right for You

By Ryan Laspina
Senior Specialist, Red Flags and External Reviews at APUS

Obtaining a college education is a dream for many, but unfortunately not everyone believes they are in the right position to chase that dream. Everyone should at least consider the benefits of going to college. If you are on the fence about going to college, consider some of these points when making your decision.

3 Things to Do in Your First Week of Online Classes