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How To Land a Job Before Graduation

By William Arruda

Don’t seek a job, pursue the right job for you. If you aren’t focused and clear, you will seem almost good enough for a lot of potential roles but perfect for none. Although it seems counterintuitive, the more you focus, the more opportunities you will have and the easier it will be to search for and find that perfect gig. Put strategy before action!

Networking for Economics Majors: Getting Contacts for the Job Search

The 10 Best Sites for Finding an Internship in 2016

By Karsten Strauss

College students and new graduates have more resources for finding an internship than ever. In addition to the time-tested strategy of scouring their own networks of friends, family and contacts, young people in search of an entry-level position or valuable experience in the workplace have many quality search engines to look through. Here are ten of the best.

The Value (and Fun) of General Education Requirements