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What’s in a Name? The Naming of Our University Mascots

By Cindy Aitken
Senior Manager, Community Engagement at American Public University System

During commencement activities the mascots mingled, posed for photos, and helped to make the celebration of our graduates and their families even more memorable. Even through the jovial atmosphere one question was asked repeatedly—what are their names?

Choosing a Major Requires Self-Examination and Research

Simulation Use in the Online Classroom Today

Interview with Jim Werbaneth
Assistant Professor, Political Science at American Public University

In the course POLS211 at American Public University there are a number of innovative approaches to educating the student on political science and its construction. For example, students get to simulate being a senator, and they get to craft a bill and usher it through Congress to be passed. This not only engages the student, but it puts them in the seat of a lawmaker.

From the U.S. to Libya: A Student’s Journey to Online Education