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How to Personalize Your Online Learning Time

By J. Mason
Online Learning Tips Editor

Being an online learner doesn’t mean you have to spend all of your time learning alone. There are a few ways to insert peer interaction into your studies. For some it's as simple as finding a public wifi spot so you can work with the buzz of people around you. Other students need a real-time connection to other students. This way you get the collegiate experience even when you can’t see all the other people learning around you.

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New Year, New Class: The Basics for the Online Learner

By Dr. Bruce A. Johnson
Online Learning Tips, Guest Contributor

From the first day that an online student begins their class they often are required to hit the ground running. This means they are expected to be self-motivated and learn all of the rules, policies, and procedures immediately. However, the most essential ingredient to their success is sustained self-motivation, perseverance, and persistence. 

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