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Narrowing to a Great Research Paper Topic

By Dr. Oliver Hedgepeth
Program Director, Government Contracts and Acquisition at American Public University

Few students enjoy the prospect of writing a research paper and the stress starts early on in the process: defining a good topic. Most often, the topic or problem initially chosen is too wide, too deep, and/or too unstructured. I call it problem inflation. I have found that I can help students tackle this problem by starting with some general discussions within the class.

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Anthropological Lessons from Traditional Classroom Education to Online Learning

By Dr. Jennifer Cramer
Faculty Member, School of Arts and Humanities at American Public University

In every anthropology course, our global experience as a learning community enriches discussion of current events and the human experience so that we can deeply reflect on where humanity has been and where it is headed. 

5 Qualities Adult Learners Bring to the Classroom