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Student Profile: Keeping Exchanges Clear in a Crisis

Interview with AMU Alumnus, R. Carter Langston

My degree in emergency and disaster management, combined with my experience in strategic communication planning, issue management and crisis communication, prepared me to lead strategic operational communication and crisis action planning. In crisis management, I lead by developing a strategic operational framework, coordinating with multiple stakeholders and synchronizing those stakeholders’ actions.

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Student Profile: Adding a Full-Court Press to Online Education

Interview with AMU Alumnus, Uchenna Faumuina-Eze

Earning my online degree with AMU set me up for success in so many ways. The professors who work directly in the field allowed me to have an optimal learning experience. Also, I developed soft skills like self-discipline, communication, initiative and dependability, which are key aspects in sports and in life. Those soft skills are what I need to be successful in my career.

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Student Profile: Using History to Educate Soldiers

Interview with Kelli Oliver
Alumna, American Military University

There were many reasons that I decided to pursue my master’s in history through AMU. First and foremost, I have a passion for history and all that it entails. I believe that one cannot be too educated about the historical past or we may end up repeating some of the same mistakes. Secondly, I chose to obtain this degree because it would aid me on my journey to become a professor of history at the university level. This has always been a dream of mine; therefore, this degree is yet another stepping stone towards success in my future.

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