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3 Tips for Success as a Graduate Student

By Dr. Jennifer Douglas
Associate Dean, Graduate Studies at American Public University

Succeeding as a graduate student requires passion for your subject and dedication to your courses. Based on our data about graduate student success, certain behaviors contribute to the likelihood of graduate students finishing their programs. Although everyone’s life circumstances are unique, the following three tips offer ways to navigate graduate school and complete your journey toward a graduate degree.

How to Advance Your Career Through Online Learning

10 Things to Do Before Starting Your Next Class

By J. Mason
Online Learning Tips Editor

Are you about to start a new class, or continue on through your program? Every class start is a big step toward an end goal and it should be celebrated. In the layover between now and when classes begin what do you have going on? If you don’t have some part of school factored into that time frame then it’s time to get a plan.

Find Your Voice and Write Better for School