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Five Time Management Tips to Lower Your Stress

By Liz Ryan

Time-management techniques let you get more done at home and in school, but I like them for another reason. When you have a handle on your day and you know that you’re doing exactly what you should be doing nearly all the time, that knowledge also lowers your stress level! Think of your time-management activities as tools to help you get through your busy day and week with the lowest stress level possible.

Don’t Take on Too Much, Too Soon

How Online Learners Can Boost Average Class Assignments

By Dr. Bruce A. Johnson
Online Learning Tips, Guest Contributor

Students are also told that they need to demonstrate critical thinking and that may also seem to be vague, unless there is an explanation and format or example provided for you to use. I have been an online educator and worked with students about these very issues. While grading standards may vary among instructors and schools, there is a general standard that all college students should strive for with all of their work in the classroom.

Pay Your Compliments in Learning Forward