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Your Reasons for Attending School are Unique


Unique-students-onlineOne of the things you should remember when attending an online college is that your reasons for going to school are unique. In the case of AMU, you will come across a wide variety of students.  You will find soldiers, veterans, military spouses, working professionals, emergency services personnel, and corporate civilians. Among these groups of people, you will find people straight out of high school, people returning to school after a lengthy break, and others just interested in continuing their education. The combinations become much different as you ask more questions–nationality, hometown, age, sex, etc.

All of this is worth keeping in mind as you begin and continue your studies. Remember that your reasons for attending an online college are unique. They are your own. As such, your fervency, drive, and values will vary drastically. You will see these differences affect how you interact with your fellow students and if they do not value the same things as you, you should never judge too harshly, if at all.

For example, your desire to make a point in any discussion may be overwhelmingly stronger than the rest of the students. Likewise, you may bump into another student passionate on a subject that seems trivial to you.

A good approach to keeping these differences in mind is to reread student introductions. Virtually every online college will require students to introduce themselves at the beginning of courses with details such as their major, occupation, and plans for after college. Use these details to see how your interactions might vary with other students and always avoid judging or belittling.

By Scott Manning
Online Learning Tips, Student Contributor