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Using Google Scholar to Learn About New Research


google-scholarGoogle Scholar allows you to search through a large pool of journals and books in North America and Europe. This is different from a simple Google search, which searches the Internet. Instead, Google Scholar has indexed the full text of articles and books, which typically do not exist on the Internet. The search results do not always give you access to the full text, but they at least point you in the right direction.

However, what is useful about Google Scholar is its alerts function, which will notify you when a new entry is available containing your search phrase. This is a superb method of staying on top of new research in your interests.

For example, I am very interested in the Battle of Falkirk (1298). I want to know whenever someone is writing about the battle. As such, I created an alert for “falkirk 1298”.

Today, I received an alert about a new paper, which contained the search phrase.

Scholar Alert: [ “falkirk 1298” ]

[PDF] The Knights Templar
PL De Coster, B Th – 2013
Page 1. Sovereign Order of the Elder Brethren Rose X Cross Founded in 1317 by Pope John
XXII of Avignon (France) The Knights Templar Brief History of the Crusades and Knights Templar
by Philippe L. De Coster, B.Th.,DD Grand Master General of OSFARXC 

In this instance, the notification had a link and the full text. This allowed me to quickly search through the paper and determine that the article mentioned the Templar Knights that died at the Battle of Falkirk.

Why constantly search for new instances of your research interests? Let Google Scholar do the work and notify you immediately.

By Scott Manning
Online Learning Tips, Student Contributor