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Backup Your Google Docs with Backupify


backupifyFor those of you using Google Drive to create a library of PDF files or store other important documents, there is a false sense of security that they will remain safe forever. The worst case was a student’s stolen Google account losing everything after someone deleted all the contents. The horror stories appear distant, but given that you should backup everything in all circumstances, you have to start thinking of options, even for a cloud-based system such as Google.

The price of peace of mind is relatively cheap with Backupify, which has received recommendations from multiple publications such as ZDNet.

Here is where cloud meets cloud, as Backupify will pull your Google files and store them on Backupify servers. For any Google Docs, it will extract the contents into Microsoft Office equivalents. This means that a Google Docs word processor file will become a .docx file and a spreadsheet will become an .xlsx file. In addition to files, it can also backup emails, contacts, and calendars.

The setup is relatively easy once you connect Backupify to your Google account. If you only have certain types of files or data you want backed up, you have that power.

Of course, the beauty is that if you lose a file or all your files on Google Drive, you can restore everything with a single click from Backupify.

The plans are cheap, ranging from $3 to $4 per month. The latter includes three daily backups (instead of just one) and the ability to see deleted documents.

What are you waiting for? Go back up your Google Drive!

By Scott Manning
Online Learning Tips, Student Contributor